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October 18, 2017  
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National Level positive cartoon Competition-2016


In 1996, Cartoonist Triambak Sharma launched CARTOON WATCH to fill the gap left by the closure of the renowned and much-missed ‘Shankar’s Weekly’. His efforts at creating the only cartoon-centric magazine in India were acknowledged by many well known cartoonists, including Padmbhushan R.K.Laxman, Mario Miranda (Goa),Abid Surti (Mumbai) and Mr. Pran (Delhi).

The 20 Year journey of Cartoon Watch has never been a bed of roses, being plagued by uncertainty and doubts month after month during publication. However, with steel-studded determinaton, the Cartoon Watch team continued with their efforts, and eventually smoothed out the difficulties - resulting in the magazine being published each month without fail! Year on year, the team has improvised and improved the content of the magazine, finally putting to rest any doubts about the magazine’s ability to create humour.

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